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 • Higher hardness and precise tolerance

 • Longer service life

 • Higher ratio of price and performance

 • Higher brightness 






 • Adopt titanium alloy casing
 • Ratio lighter  

 • Available in PCD, SSCD and ND





Tinning dies of KIWI® Wire Die adopt titanium alloy casing, to make its ratio lighter than that of tin solution.


With SSCD and PCD as blanks, tinning dies enjoy high hardness and precise tolerance, long service life, as well as higher ratio of price and performance.


Tinning dies are used to heat-tin the surface on or shave the tin off the wires such as copper wire and alloy wire. The finished wire enjoys high brightness with an even layer of tin.


Hole Sizes:

Single crystal diamond (ND/SSCD): 0.010 - 0.500mm (.00039 - .01969 inches)

Polycrystalline diamond: 0.100 - 3.000mm (.00394 - .11811 inches)




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