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 • Superior performance and wire quality
Low surface friction

 • Smooth wire surface

 • Conductor wire or cable material savings

 • Reduced power usage 

 • Long diameter stability

 • High machine uptime

 • Excellent wire or cable surface 





 • Optimal die profile, tailored to your process
 • Available in a wide size range  

 • Available in TC, PCD, SSCD, ND, DC, Nano, CVD
 • Ultra-smooth tool surface

 • Low friction coefficient

 • High diameter accuracy

 • High wear resistance 

 • Available for large diameters




KIWI® Wire Die bunching, stranding, and compacting dies for high quality cable. Excellent conductivity through the use of diamond coated dies enable cable makers to cut costs.


Bunching, stranding, and compacting dies are commonly used to guide and compact wires to create cables that usually consist of several electrically conducting wires. Applications include high, medium and low voltage cables and automotive wires.


KIWI® Wire Die bunching, stranding, and compacting dies have well blended profiles with highly polished surfaces enabling superior performance and wire quality.


KIWI® Wire Die offers a wide variety of materials for you to choose from to meet your cabling requirements.


Higher throughput, fewer die changes, less scrap, and higher quality all add up to more profit for the wire and cable manufacturer.

State-of-the-art diamond coating technology and tight diameter tolerances of KIWI® Wire Die diamond coated dies give the cable company the ability to save material and manufacturing costs.


The ultra-smooth layer of diamond on a tungsten carbide die ensures the smoothest wire and cable surface that is possible today. The diamond coated die is the ideal combination of the large-size availability of tungsten carbide and the ideal surface properties of randomly oriented synthetic diamond.


A smoother conductor surface leads to higher conductivity than was previously obtainable by using tungsten carbide or PCD dies. This enables a cable manufacturer to save conductor material as the same conductivity is obtained with a lighter cable. Diamond coated dies reduce the power required to bunch, strand, or compact the conductor by minimizing friction.


Material savings and lower power usage add up to more profit.




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