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Powering the future


The vast majority of our world is powered by electricity. Whether it comes from new green-energy sources such as wind mills and solar panels, or coal and nuclear-powered plants, it has to be efficiently transmitted to where it is needed. This is done through high, medium and low voltage cables, from complex multi-conductor cabling below our cities to the single wires that power our houses and industries.


KIWI Wire Die’s drawing, cabling and extrusion products play an essential part in reducing costs in the production of these wires and cables.

Moving mankind


Since the advent of the mass-produced automobile, KIWI Wire Die has been at the forefront of supplying drawing dies and extrusion tools for the automotive industry. We are globally recognized as a certified supplier to many leading automotive wire manufacturers. Whether the application is strong tire cord to reinforce car tires, wire used to make fasteners, smaller lighter thin-wall wire harnesses to power the electrical parts in a car, or flat cabling for onboard computer and communication equipment, KIWI Wire Die is fully committed to the automotive industry.

Adding quality and value to life


Today you’ll find products that are powered by wire made with KIWI Wire Die drawing and extrusion tools all around you. From cell phones and MP3 players to tablets and computers, our products are used to manufacture the ultra-fine wires that are helping them become smaller, thinner, lighter, more reliable, and energy efficient.

Moving mankind around the world and beyond


Since the dawn of commercial air and spaceflight, wires and cables manufactured with KIWI Wire Die products have been onboard. The many miles of wiring, and thousands of high strength low weight fasteners found in all air and spacecraft are made possible with our tools.


KIWI Wire Die is globally recognized as a certified supplier to many leading suppliers of the aerospace industry.

Products that save lives


Minimally invasive surgical products, stents, hypodermic needles and many other medical products depend on various wire and tube materials for their existence.


KIWI Wire Die is well known in the medical wire and tube business for its high precision wire drawing dies. From stainless steel to nitinol and titanium alloys, leading manufacturers count on us to produce dies that meet the demanding size, material, and surface specifications of today’s medical devices.

Welding the pieces together


The world of welding wire consumables has grown dramatically in both number of applications, and materials available to meet the demands of those applications. KIWI Wire Die supplies engineered wire drawing dies and strings designed to maximize die life and improve wire surface condition while increasing process speeds and minimizing cast and helix issues.

Building tomorrow's infrastructure


The modern building and construction industry count on high speed fastener application systems to lower cost and increase strength and quality. They are also increasingly using concrete steel reinforcing fibers to dramatically increase its strength.


KIWI Wire Die is a leading manufacturer of wire dies for construction related wire. Nails, staples, fasteners, and steel fibers have long been made with our dies.

Enabling high-speed and low-cost data communication


Today’s modern data communication cables are connecting more and more people, homes and businesses all around the world. They range from single-shielded copper wires to deep-sea optical fiber cables that use stranded steel wires to protect them.


New technology has allowed these cables to carry ever increasing amounts of data at faster speeds. Manufacturers of these cables count on KIWI Wire Die’s wire drawing, cabling and extrusion tooling solutions to keep them on the cutting edge of their industry.