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 • Smooth wire or rod surface
Die life increase when using diamond shape dies



 • Gradually deform from one shape into another
 • Tight dimension tolerances  

 • Die set engineering available
 • Available in TC, PCD, SSCD and ND

 • Starting from 0,1 mm



High-performance shape dies allow wire manufacturers to meet wire surface quality and dimension standards.

Shape dies are used to reduce the diameter or to transform one wire shape into another. Applications include various types of ferrous and non-ferrous rods and wires.


KIWI® Wire Die shaped dies are customized to match your requirements and are available in virtually any form. Shapes include trapezoidal, rectangular, trolley, hexagonal, z-shape, square, triangular, trapezium, oval, half-round, trilobular, shapes for transmission cable, and trolley wire (virtually any shape is available). 


We can help you engineer a series of dies that will gradually transform round or shaped wire or rod into another shape. Let us know your shaped rod or wire requirements and have our engineering team design the series for you.


KIWI® Wire Die shape drawing dies are manufactured with a mirror polish and a smooth wire entry to ensure optimal die life and string-up.





















































Virtually any shape die is available. Please see features page for more shape options.



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