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 • Improved diameter stability
 • H
igh machine uptime
 • Reduced energy consumption

 • Excellent wire surface

 • Maintenance-free (no recuts, easy handling)



 • Exceptional durability
 • Low friction coefficient  

 • High diameter accuracy
 • Available even for large diameters



Excellent durability, extremely smooth wire surface, and energy savings due to low friction drawing.


Nano Drawing Dies are ideal for manufacturing steel wire and steel welding wire. Expect significant productivity improvements compared to using tungsten carbide dies. Nano dies outlast TC dies typically by over 10x resulting in far fewer change-overs and a higher machine uptime. Additionally, diamond coated dies need less power to draw steel wire due to their lowered frictional forces.


The ultra-smooth layer of diamond on a tungsten carbide die ensures the smoothest wire surface that is possible today. The diamond coated die is the perfect combination of large-size availability of tungsten carbide and the ideal surface properties of randomly oriented synthetic diamond.


Higher throughput, fewer die changes, less scrap, and higher quality all add up to more profit for the wire and cable manufacturer.






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